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Go 1.22 Released

9 minute read

Everyone’s going loopy about Go’s latest language changes. Nobody seems to have noticed an important fix

Profile Guided optimisation

24 minute read

Learn how PGO improves use of inlining and CPU instruction caches. I show how to get biggest boost for your projects by using the right CPU profile

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9 minute read

Why it’s important to use defer for maintainability and in the presence of panics. I also look at some common pitfalls.

Build Tags

12 minute read

The other “directive” that I didn’t cover last week is //go:build. This time I look at how and why you would use build tags and the new syntax.

Compiler Directives

29 minute read

A look at all of Go’s pragmas (except build tags). How //go:debug directive enhances Go’s backward compatibility. Plus recent changes to the language that af...

Go 1.21

8 minute read

Go 1.21 has just arrived! It has some nice things like PGO, and slices.Sort(), but beware of a pitfall

Welcome to My Blog!

4 minute read

I hope to contribute something of use to the ever-growing Go community.

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